Become a member of the Ben Hogan Foundation and support Mr. Hogan’s legacy. 

The Ben Hogan Foundation funds charities and programs that reflect his core values: qualities like self-determination, courage, a competitive spirit, integrity and hard work. It will support his passions: golf and its influence on young people, education, and the well-being of children. Based in Fort Worth, the foundation is a 501(c)(3) charity, and is principally funded through contributions made by individuals and corporations seeking to support and preserve the courageous legacy of Ben Hogan.


  • A semi-annual report from the Foundation
  • Periodic newsletters with unique Hogan pictures, stories and updates on the Foundation
  • Invitations to Ben Hogan Foundation functions
  • Special gift(s) based on level of membership

For a Hogan fan, it is a way to honor Mr. Hogan and make a difference in the communities where you live.

Membership Levels & Initiation Fees:

  • Bantam Ben $100
  • Hawk $250
  • Triple Crown $500
  • Grand Slam $1,000
  • And for those under 18: Junior $50


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