Honorary/Advisory Board Members

Honorary Board Members

The purpose of the Foundation’s Honorary Board is to recognize and honor selected friends of Mr. Hogan’s or individuals who are or have contributed to his legacy. Honorary Board members are selected for life. The Ben Hogan Foundation is pleased to recognize the following distinguished individuals:

  • Denny Alexander
  • Sean Anderson
  • Alan and Wendy Barron
  • Lance Barrow
  • Chad Campbell
  • Tom Chambers
  • Brandel Chamblee
  • Nathaniel Crosby
  • Bruce Devlin
  • Kel Devlin
  • Jeff and Kelly Dillard
  • James Dodson
  • David Durham
  • Ian Baker-Finch
  • Bill Flynn
  • Ben Fortson
  • John and Cami Goff
  • Pat Green
  • Pat and Marg Hare
  • Randy Jacobs
  • Dan Jenkins
  • Mark and Katie Kalpakis
  • Gene and Moselle Kouri
  • Marty Leonard
  • Rich Lerner
  • Kevin Long
  • Mike McGraw
  • Eddie Merrins
  • Eldridge Miles
  • Jeff and Suzanne Mooney
  • Clifton and Sheridan Morris
  • Dr. Andy Mutch
  • James Peebles and Kay Day
  • Fred and Michele Reynolds
  • George Seagraves
  • Dr. Wally Schmuck
  • Angela Stanford
  • Clarence Stennett
  • Gary and Judy Strong
  • Hollis and Donna Sullivan
  • Kris Tschetter
  • Rayburn Tucker
  • Lanny Wadkins

Advisory Board Member

The purpose of the Foundation’s Advisory Board is to enlist key individuals, who either knew Mr. Hogan or appreciate his legacy, to create and suggest ways to improve and grow the Ben Hogan Foundation. Advisory Board members will actively participate in the Foundation’s programs and initiatives and will be required to meet periodically with the Chief Executive Officer. When appropriate, suggestions from this group will be taken to the Board for approval. Selected members will serve for a one year term with a maximum of three consecutive terms. The Ben Hogan Foundation recognizes and expresses its appreciation to the following individuals:

  • Lindy Miller
  • Artie Starrs
  • Evan McGuire
  • Gavin Wallace
  • Michael Tothe
  • Chris Powers
  • Marc Wielgosz
  • Bales Nelson
  • Jason Snider

In Memoriam

The Ben Hogan Foundation wishes to remember the following individuals who were friends of Mr. Hogan’s or contributed positively to his legacy:

  • Mr. Miller Barber
  • Mr. Dee Kelly
  • Mrs. Pat Martin
  • Mr. Shelley Mayfield
  • Mr. Ken Venturi