Ben Hogan Foundation NTPGA Scholarships

Although Mr. Hogan did not have the opportunity to pursue his education due to economic misfortunes, he always realized the importance of a formal education and the positive impact that it has on a young person’s life. It is in this spirit that the Ben Hogan Foundation is pleased to provide educational opportunities for young adults wishing to obtain a college education.

The Ben Hogan Foundation is pleased to continue its partnership with North Texas University to offer scholarships to deserving young adults. This year the Foundation sponsored three scholarships, which is the largest number awarded to date in one year. This brings our total scholarships with the NTPGA to 14.

Mr. Dudley Simms received the Ben Hogan/John and Cami Goff Scholarship.


Mr. Eric Seutter received the Ben Hogan/Pat and Kori Green Scholarship.


Ms. Lindsey Williams received the Ben Hogan/Sharon Rea Scholarship.


Congratulations to these three winning recipients.