Preserving Mr. Hogan’s Legacy

The Foundation is dedicated to honor and celebrate the life of Ben Hogan, an American legend. The Board of Directors as well as Foundation leadership always ask “what would Mr. Hogan have done?” when making key decisions for the Foundation and determining the beneficiaries of Foundation funds. To continue to preserve Mr. Hogan’s legacy, the Executive Director of the Foundation will entertain requests to meet with clubs and organizations across the nation to increase the awareness of the Ben Hogan Foundation, discuss the wonderful programs the Ben Hogan Foundation is supporting, and share “Hogan stories.”

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The Ben Hogan Foundation is dedicated to honor, celebrate and preserve the legacy and character of Ben Hogan through support of organizations that promote the game of golf and charities that reflect Mr. Hogan’s core values.

The Ben Hogan Foundation focuses its initiatives on five fundamental areas:

  • Working to preserve the legacy of Mr. Hogan
  • Promoting the game of golf
  • Providing for improved children’s health care and welfare
  • Funding educational opportunities for our youth
  • Supporting our military


Within these five fundamental areas, the Ben Hogan Foundation has targeted organizations that help us make an immediate impact in our communities.

Promoting the game of golf

Educational opportunities for our youth

Supporting our military